Texas Iron Distance Project is exclusively for post-collegiate female runners in North Dallas


Iron Squad


There are no pre-qualifications for the Iron Squad other than the desire to dream big and chase goals. 


Team Membership is $50 per year and includes the following:

  • Access to TIDP Team Shop

  • 15% off at Frisco Running Company

  • Group training & weekly group runs with Frisco Running Club

  • Weekly run meet-ups with Titanium Squad

  • Monthly post-run social with Titanium Squad

  • Affiliation with TIDP Club through USATF (optional, must have individual membership with USATF)

  • Access to personalized 1x1 coaching from Experienced & Credentialed Coaches (additional fee)

If you are interested in joining our community of women chasing big goals as a member of the Iron Squad, complete the following:

Thanks for submitting!

Titanium Squad Standards

The Titanium Squad is an emerging-elite group of women chasing big goals across various race distances.

For the Titanium Squad, at least one of the following standards will be met each year to be eligible. Each team member will be expected to race in two team events each year and will commit to two monthly team runs. 

Under 35:

5k: 18:30

10k: 38:00

Half Marathon: 1:25:00

Marathon: 3:00:00

Over 35:

5k: 20:00

10k: 39:30

Half Marathon: 1:30:00

Marathon: 3:10:00

 To inquire about joining the Titanium Squad, please send complete running resume to texasirondistanceproject@gmail.com.